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Archimedes has contributed to a previous edition of the GEO ExPro App, ‘New Technologies’.

  • Technical Personnel

    Dr. Irena Kivior
    Managing Director and Principal Geophysicist (Eng./M.Sc. Geology, Ph.D. Geophysics)
    Dr. Kivior obtained a Eng./M.Sc. degree from the Academy of Mines and Metallurgy in Krakow, Poland. Since 1990 Dr. Kivior has worked in various capacities at the University of Adelaide, Australia completing a Ph.D. in geophysics (1996), post-doctorate research work (1998) and an appointment as a visiting research fellow of the National Centre of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics. Extensive research conducted over the period focuses on sedimentary basins and deep crystal studies using high-resolution aeromagnetic data. In 1997 Dr. Kivior established a geophysical firm, Archimedes Consulting Pty Ltd to provide geophysical services for the petroleum and mineral exploration industries.

    Mr. Stephen Markham
    Chief Geophysicist (B.Sc., Hons., M.Sc. Geophysics)
    Mr. Markham graduated from the Flinders University, Australia and completed a Masters Degree in Geophysics in 1997. At the University of Adelaide he conducted extensive research work on the application of high-resolution magnetic data over the Otway Basin in the South Australia. Since 1997 he has worked for Archimedes as a Senior Geophysicist mainly involved in special processing and analysis of the high-resolution aeromagnetic, gravity and gradiometry data.

    Mr. Shiferaw Damte
    Chief Geologist (B.Sc., Hons. Petroleum Geology, M.Sc. Petroleum Geology)
    Mr. Damte obtained a M.Sc. Degree in Petroleum Geology at the Academy of Oil and Gas in Moscow, Russia and an Honours degree in Petroleum Geology at the NCPGG, University of Adelaide. He had experience at the government petroleum exploration department in Ethiopia, where he participated in exploration projects for oil and gas fields in the southeastern part of Ethiopia. At Archimedes Consulting Mr. Damte is working as a Chief Geologist and performs interpretation of Potential Field data

    Dr. Francis Vaughan
    Senior R&D Scientist (B.Sc., Ph.D. Comp. Sci.)
    Dr. Vaughan obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science n 1996 for the University of Adelaide. He has an extensive background in high performance computing and in University Level Teaching and Research. Dr. Vaughan provides expertise to Archimedes operations and to the Archimedes Research & Development Group. He is involved in the study of the application of spectral analysis techniques, high performance aspects of computer processing, visualization and signals processing.

    Dr. Sam Yates
    Chief R&D Scientist (B.Sc., M.Sc. Mathematics, Ph.D. Mathematics)
    Dr. Yates heads the Archimedes Research & Development Group. He is extensively involved in the study of the application of spectra analysis techniques to varying geological environment. His group has led the geophysical and geological software development.

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