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Archimedes' successful exploration techniques in sedimentary basins are featured in a previous edition of the GEO ExPro App, New Technologies.

  • Presentations

    This page contains some of our presentations, talks and posters from conferences, and some case studies.

    Archimedes Presentations

    • Introduction, Methodology & Examples (Download: pdf)
    • Case Study-1; Andaman Sea, Myanmar (Download: pdf)
    • Case Study-2; Rovuma Basin, Mozambique (Download: pdf)
    • Case Study-3; Baram Delta, Malaysia (Download: pdf)
    • Case Study-4; Hides, Papua New Guinea (Download: pdf)
    • Case Study-6; Canning Basin AGG, WA (Download: pdf)
    • Case Study-7; Mapping Sub-Volcanic Geology from Magnetics (Download: pdf)

    EAGE Workshop on Non Seismic Methods, Bahrain, 2008

    • Fractals, Multi-Fractals, Pseudo-Fractals and Non-Fractals in Energy Spectral Techniques
      (Download: pdf)
    • Imaging Multiple Horizons with Spectral Techniques in the Sirt Basin, Libya
      (Download: slide part 1 in pdf, slide part 2 in pdf)
    • Testing survey resolution using Spectral Analysis (Download: slide in pdf)

    Conference Posters

    • AAPG-EAGE 2017 Conference, Yangon, Myanmar: Mapping Basement & Sedimentary Horizons, Andaman Sea
      (Download: pdf)
    • ASEG-PESA 2016 Conference, Adelaide, Australia: Mapping Sub-Surface Geology, Hides, PNG (Best Poster)
      (Download: pdf)
    • AAPG-SEG-PESA 2015 Conference, Melbourne, Australia: Mapping Sub-Surface Geology, Hides Area, PNG
      (Download: Part-1 pdf, Part-2 pdf, Part-3 pdf)
    • AAPG 2012 Conference, Singapore: Marine Magnetic & Gravity Data, Rovuma Basin, Mozambique
      (Download: pdf)
    • EAGE 2012 Conference, Copenhagen: Regional Mapping, Andaman Sea Basin, Myanmar
      (Download: pdf)

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