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Archimedes attended the AEGC 2018 25th Australasian Exploration Geoscience Conference in Sydney, Australia, on February 18-21st, 2018. Archimedes had a Poster called "Improved Imaging of the Sub-Surface Geology in the Mowla Terrace, Canning Basin using Gravity Gradiometry Data". Archimedes attended the APPEA 2018 Conference and Exhibition in Adelaide, Australia, on May 14-17th, 2018. Archimedes had a poster presentation titled "Mapping Geology beneath Volcanics using Magnetic Data".

Archimedes contributed to a previous edition of the GEO ExPro App, âNew Technologiesâ.
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    This page contains some of our presentations, slides from talks at conferences and some case studies.

    Archimedes Presentations

    • Archimedes Brochure (Download: pdf)
    • Case Study Basalt (Download: pdf)
    • Case Study Salt (Download: pdf)
    • Archimedes Faults Theory (Download: pdf)
    • Archimedes Horizon Theory (Download: pdf)

    Talks by Francis Vaughan

    • Fractals, Multi-Fractals, Pseudo-Fractals and Non-Fractals in Energy Spectral Techniques
      (Download: pdf)
    • Imaging Multiple Horizons with Spectral Techniques in the Sirt Basin, Libya
      (Download: slide part 1 in pdf, slide part 2 in pdf)

    Talks by Stephen Markham

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