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Archimedes attended the AEGC 2018 25th Australasian Exploration Geoscience Conference in Sydney, Australia, on February 18-21st, 2018. Archimedes had a Poster called "Improved Imaging of the Sub-Surface Geology in the Mowla Terrace, Canning Basin using Gravity Gradiometry Data". Archimedes attended the APPEA 2018 Conference and Exhibition in Adelaide, Australia, on May 14-17th, 2018. Archimedes had a poster presentation titled "Mapping Geology beneath Volcanics using Magnetic Data". Archimedes contributed to an edition of the GEO ExPro App, ‘New Technologies’.
  • Welcome to Archimedes

    Archimedes’ core service is the processing and interpretation of magnetic, gravity and gradiometry data using its unique techniques for the petroleum exploration and development industry.

    Archimedes began in Australia and initially performed work in Australia, New Zealand and PNG for clients such as Woodside Energy, Santos, Oil Company of Australia, Apache Energy and Origin Energy, covering many basins throughout the region.

    Archimedes has expanded considerably into the international arena, working for clients such as Shell (in several locations), BP (In several locations), Hess and many others in basins around the United Kingdom, Western Siberia, Mongolia, North & South America, Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of Suez, Nile Delta, Red Sea, Libya, Morocco, Gabon, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Archimedes’ head office is in Adelaide, Australia and it has a satellite office in Cairo, Egypt.

    The traditional mindset has considered magnetics and gravity suitable only for regional studies and then primarily in the minerals industry. However, Archimedes’ unique processing and interpretation techniques, with resolution and detail far superior to traditional approaches, are now routinely being applied in the petroleum industry to more focussed areas where seismic is not of good quality or simply not available.

    Dr. Irena Kivior
    Managing Director and Principal Geophysicist

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