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Archimedes has prepared information on the 2020 Offshore Acreage Release showing Acreage Boundaries, Wells, Seismic Coverage and Available Magnetic Data in the Gippsland, Otway, Bonaparte, Browse.and Northern Carnarvon Basins. See links to right.

2020 New Acreage: Pseudo-Seismic Horizons

List of Blocks where seismic is poor and Archimedes can map sub-surface geology from magnetics, see below.

  • 2020 Acreage Release, All Basins (Download: pdf)
  • V20-1, Otway Basin (Download: pdf)
  • V20-3 & 4, Gippsland Basin (Download: pdf)
  • AC20-2, Vulcan Sub-Basin (Download: pdf)
  • W20-2 & NT20-6, Bonaparte Basin (Download: pdf)
  • AC20-6, Caswell Sub-Basin (Download: pdf)
  • W20-3 & 4, Caswell Sub-Basin (Download: pdf)
  • W20-5, Caswell Sub-Basin (Download: pdf)
  • W20-6, Caswell Sub-Basin (Download: pdf)
  • W20-7, Caswell Sub-Basin (Download: pdf)
  • W20-8, Barcoo Sub-Basin (Download: pdf)
  • W20-9, Barcoo Sub-Basin (Download: pdf)
  • W20-11, Beagle Sub-Basin (Download: pdf)
  • W20-15, Dampier Sub-Basin (Download: pdf)
  • W20-17, Barrow Sub-Basin (Download: pdf)
  • W20-18, Barrow Sub-Basin (Download: pdf)
  • W20-20, Exmouth Sub-Basin (Download: pdf)

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